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Translating and interpreting does not just involve language. We see ourselves as a bridge that helps simplify and improve communication between diverse cultures. Since 1990, LRA Interpreters Inc., has been committed to bringing peace of mind by providing the client with a professional and dependable service.  We break down communication barriers between our clients and the world.

Our expert translators and interpreters are individually selected to match our clients’ specific needs. They are equally proficient in the source & target language, and their selection is based on their subject skills, experience, accuracy, promptness, understanding of cultural differences, and ability to work smoothly with a variety of individuals under all types of situations. We guarantee a service that is timely, reliable, supportive, courteous, and of excellent value. 

Meet the Management Team

Abel PlockierSenior partner and founding member
A graduate of M.I.T., he specializes in the business administration and special projects of the corporation.
Cecilia PlockierPresident
A founding member of the corporation and active California State Certified interpreter since 1984
Nicole PlockierVice President
With a rich background in legal office management, and California Workmen’s Compensation, she manages the daily operations of the corporation.
Skahel F. NunezDirector
A Certified Court Interpreter, active in the field since 2003, he assists with the daily operations and overall quality aspects of the corporation.

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